The attractions of MEGA contest under Crick Jack11 MEGA contest is a unique type of contest, keeping in mind the interest of our customers we have provided the all win-win situation under MEGA contest.

Entry fee- 9000 only

Team size- 60 contestants (per pool)

Winning amount- 32850 (per pool)

Contest duration- 1 year

In this MEGA contest, FANTASY POINTS earned by you through the whole year will decide your ranking in the respective pool. So by your continuous participation in the different leagues not only you will win the daily winning points but you will always be one step ahead from others.

Crick Jack11 has brought an additional exciting feature for the MEGA contestants. A continuous dedicated player will get the daily (Including Sunday) retainer bonus of 90 points for the whole week provided he has played a league of minimum worth of 90 rupees between Mondays to Sunday in previous week.

NOTE: if there is no participation in any of the league through the whole week then it negates the eligibility of the contestant for earning the retainer bonus of 90 points for the upcoming week.

Crick Jack11 also provides you the invite income of 450 bonus points on every single reference.

These 900 bonus points can be totally used for playing the different leagues and matches. You also get the team bonus amounting 900 bonus points which are completely redeemable and can be used for playing different leagues.

Please feel free to send your ideas and suggestions to us on info@ Crick Jack11.